Consumer Welfare Fund

1. How to apply online for CWF Grants?

Visit and click on the link “CALL FOR PROPOSAL”

NGOs need to register first in the NGO DARPAN portal of Niti Ayog and after that only they will be able to apply under CWF Scheme.

2. What is one time Registration?

Register forRegister for the first time (you will have to provide NGO Darpan Registration ID) and get a userid and password. Using this userid and password you can login

For One time registration the following are required:

1. NGO Darpan Registration ID

2. Valid e-mail ID

3. Pan Number of the NGO (Only for NGos)

A verification link will be sent to the user’s registered email. Verification is required by clicking the link sent in the e-mail.

3. What are the steps required for applying online?

a. Login using user id and password.

b. Set your user profile (First time only) and save.

c. Click on Next button on profile page or on the link ‘Application – Stage – 1’.

d. Fill in all details and upload required documents in PDF or jpeg format only and submit.

e. Application Number is generated and displayed on the screen, note down this number for future reference.

4. Why I get redirected to error page?

Sometime due to Network problem or Internet connectivity, connection may be lost due to which this happens.

5. Why am I get logged out automatically?

If your system remains idle for 10 minutes, you will be logged out automatically.

6. What do I do when I get redirected to an error page?

Click on login again button and you will be directed to the login page again or you can visit the link again typing the url.

7. What type of files I can upload?

Only PDF and JPEG files are permitted.

8. Is there any upper limit of file size for upload?

Keeping in view of the requirement of the application, the maximum file size has been restricted to 4 MB in each upload button. Send only the relevant pages that are required as proof. This will help in reducing the file size.

9. How do I restrict my file size to 4 MB?

Convert your files to PDF formats and also scan, if required, is to be done in lower resolution so that file size is reduced to 4 MB.

10. How to convert my word files to PDF format?

MS Word 2007 onwards has a save as PDF option using which you can convert your word file to PDF formats.

11. What after my Application – Stage – 1 completion?

You will be given an Application ID which can be seen on your Dashboard along with the status of your application.

If your application is found meeting all mandatory criteria, you will be allowed to enter details for Stage-2. Normally this will be available after the expiry of stipulated expiry date informed for State-1.

12. Whom do I contact for any information?

Shri. Alok Kumar Verma
Room No :555A , Krishi Bhawan.
Phone : 011-23071149
Email Id : dircwf-ca[at]nic[dot]in