Consumer Awareness
Old Videos

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1 E-Daakhil (Animated) Video CG2202V View/Download
2 National Consumer Helpline Mobile App(Animated) Video CG2206V View/Download
3 E-dakhil Celebrity video Spots (Gulki Joshi) Video CG2326V View/Download
4 Fake Reviews (Animated) Video CP2204V View/Download
5 Surrogate Advertisements (Alcohol) Video CP2209V View/Download
6 Surrogate Advertisements (Gutka) Video CP2210V View/Download
7 CCPA Video CP2213V View/Download
8 Cyber Awareness App Download Video CP2214V View/Download
9 Hosiery Clothes Video HC2336V View/Download
10 Hall Mark Celebrity video Spots (Neena Gupta) Video HM2327V View/Download
11 Hallmarking (Rubina Dilaik) Video HM2332V View/Download
12 BIS Certification for Toys (Animated) Video IS2201V View/Download
13 video with g20 logo chemist shop Video IS2211V View/Download
14 Clinical Thermometers ISI Mark Video IS2335V View/Download
15 Electronic Products (QR Code) (Animated) Video LM2203V View/Download
16 Gas Cylander (Animated) Video LM2205V View/Download
17 Packaged Commodities (Country of Origin) (Animated) Video LM2207V View/Download
18 Packaged Commodities (MRP) Video LM2208V View/Download
19 Video with g20 logo Video LM2212V View/Download
20 Weights and Measurres Video LM2215V View/Download
21 Packaged Commodities Celebrity video Spots ( Raj Kumar Rao) Video LM2329V View/Download
22 NCH and e-Daakhil (Manish Paul) Video NC2330V View/Download
23 National Consumer Helpline (Sunil Grover) Video NC2334V View/Download
24 E-commerce Celebrity video Spots (Pallavi Joshi) Video PC2328V View/Download
25 Details to be seen on Packaged Commodities (Mithali Raj) Video PC2331V View/Download
26 Pacakged Commodities (Sanya Malhotra) Video PC2333V View/Download
27 NCH success story 1 (Handbag Refund) Video SS2216V View/Download
28 NCH success story 2 (Gas Cylinder) Video SS2217V View/Download
29 NCH success story 3 (Electricity Bill) Video SS2218V View/Download
30 NCH success story 4 (Misleading Advetisement) Video SS2219V View/Download
31 NCH success story 5 (Insurance Company) Video SS2220V View/Download
32 Jago Grahak Jago E Daakhil 1 (Bike Ragistratin No.) Video SS2221V View/Download
33 Jago Grahak Jago E Daakhil 2 (Admission in Institute) Video SS2222V View/Download
34 Jago Grahak Jago E Daakhil 3 (Defective Sari) Video SS2223V View/Download
35 Jago Grahak Jago E Daakhil 4 (modular kitchen) Video SS2224V View/Download
36 Jago Grahak Jago E Daakhil 5 (Air Ticket) Video SS2225V View/Download
37 E - Commerce Video CP 2330V View/Download
38 Packaged Commodities, NCH & e - Daakhil Video LM2331V View/Download
39 Packaged Commodities Video CP2332V View/Download
40 ISI Mark for Toys Video IS2333V View/Download
41 Unfair Trade Practice Video CP2334V View/Download
42 NCH/ Consumer Commissions / e - Daakhil Video SS2335V View/Download
43 Product Liability Video LM2336V View/Download
44 NCH and e - Daakhil Video SS2337V View/Download
45 Packaged Commodities Video LM2338V View/Download
46 Packaged Hallmark(WITHOUT G20 LOGO) Video HM2339V View/Download
47 NCH / Consumer Commissions/ e - Daakhil(WITHOUT G20 LOGO) Video SS2340V View/Download
48 Packaged Commodities Video LM2341V View/Download
49 Packaged NCH and e - Daakhil Video SS2342V View/Download
50 NCH Sunil Grover Video SS2343V View/Download
51 Hallmark Video HM2344V View/Download
52 ISI Mark Video IS23345V View/Download